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"Thank you so much for taking the time to consult with me last week. Having a research entity available to provide information and clarity to standards is very valuable to our communities as it affects what our businesses produce for the public. You were extremely gracious in the time and resources you provided us to enable us to better assess our situation here at Parata."

Natalie D.
Mechanical Engineer

"I have known and worked with Dick Duncan, Leslie Young and Rex Pace for at least 12 years. The late Ron Mace and his colleagues and successors have helped us develop design standards for the housing we finance, and often provided speakers for training events and conferences under our sponsorship. The Institute staff is thought of in the affordable housing finance industry as the ultimate authority."

Robert D.
NC Housing Finance Agency

"Thank you and all who were involved [in the St Louis 2008 UD Summit 3 Training]. I have been applying ADA components to my designs for years, but was not thoroughly familiar with Universal Design. I learned so much at the conference and was touched by many of those presenting. I have shared my experience with my work colleagues and I know it will benefit all of our designs in the future."

Nancy N.

design for human diversity